Mass Counts

After a highly extraordinary year in 2020, we are now preparing to resume the October Mass Count.  Everyone is certainly anxious to learn where we are with Mass attendance throughout the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

This year we will take the counts on October 10, 17, 24, & 31, plus the vigil Masses on the preceding evenings.

We are returning to the system of reporting we used in 2018.  You’ll find below four attachments, named “First” through “Fourth.”  Most pastors will need only the first spreadsheet, but some of you are responsible for more than one parish or Mass site.  We ask you to report all Mass sites separately.

For each Sunday in the spreadsheet, there are eight possible Masses to fill in.  Begin with the vigil Mass on Saturday, and then list all additional Masses on Sunday in sequential order.  In the first column, please indicate the language of each Mass, and in subsequent columns moving right, indicate the number of men, women, and children (those who appear at first glance to be age 0-14).  The columns and rows are programmed to add the numbers automatically.

For the benefit of those who are new pastors or administrators, a few tips: 

  1. Be sure to organize enough volunteer counters to count men, women, children separately. 
  2. The offertory is a good time to take the count. 
  3. For accuracy, it’s best to use manual tally counters.                          
  4. Please e-mail the completed spreadsheets to me during the first week of November.

Thank you and your staff for taking this important annual count.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Graffio, JCL at [email protected] or call (415) 614-5686.