C8b – Standards of Conduct for Youth Working with Minors – English

The Archdiocese of San Francisco appreciates your willingness to help children who are younger than you. We have created these Standards of Conduct because we want our actions to match our faith; we want you to respect all people, from the adults in your life to the children who look up to you; and we want to make sure that you are treated with the respect that you deserve. There are conditions for this privilege of working with young people.

Background evaluations are not done on minors (those under 18 years of age) who work with minors. It is required that minors working with minors: (1) are supervised at all times by a fully compliant adult; and (2) complete all the Youth Safety grade-level courses up to their current grade.

We also ask that you observe the following “do’s” and “don’ts”:


  • Respect the adults and children with whom you interact
  • Protect and care for all children or other youth in your care
  • Treat everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy and dignity
  • Be positive, supportive and caring in speaking, writing and actions with the children/youth
  • Report suspected abuse to a supervisor, parent, principal or pastor
  • Maintain appropriate physical and emotional boundaries with the children/youth
  • Dress appropriately and do not wear clothing with offensive messages or pictures
  • Avoid situations where you would be alone with a child/youth
  • Seek to affirm good behavior in children/youth and avoid any criticism or comparison that could hurt
  • Be aware that young people can easily become overly attached to a youth leader or an adult: if you sense that is happening, do not encourage it; make your parent(s), supervisor, pastor or principal aware of it so that he/she/they can help


  • Commit an illegal or immoral act
  • Smoke, vape, or use tobacco products in the presence of the children/youth
  • Use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at anytime
  • Verbally threaten or physically abuse anyone
  • Use profanity in the presence of children/youth
  • Use discipline that frightens or humiliates a child/youth
  • Touch a child/youth in an overly affectionate or other inappropriate manner
  • Sexually harass, request sexual favors from, or make sexually explicit statements to anyone
  • Tolerate inappropriate or bullying behavior
  • Promote any view contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Place yourself in a situation where your interaction with a child/youth cannot be witnessed
  • Participate in private visits, parties or other activities with the children/youth unless it is approved by your supervisor
  • Develop inappropriate personal relationships with children/youth over the internet or through social media or other forms of communication
  • Accept gifts from or give gifts to children/youth in your care without approval from your supervisor

November 2020