2022 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal Parish Guide

“As I have done for you, you should also do.”

The Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (AAA) provides parishioners throughout our Archdiocese a unique opportunity to come together. Through the AAA, the ninety-one parishes in our Archdiocese unite! The AAA is essential to the work of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Although we are spread over the counties of Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo, we are one Archdiocese, collaborating in the ongoing mission of evangelization and education.

The theme for this year’s Annual Appeal is from John 13:15, “As I have done for you, you should also do.” Together, we demonstrate God’s grace through the AAA by supporting such critical needs as youth and young adults, parish schools and students, social ministries, ecumenical efforts, and the greater Church.

We ask for your help in instilling in the hearts of Catholics throughout the Archdiocese a true sense of stewardship and a recognition that our family of faith extends beyond our individual parish boundaries.This page is intended for pastors, and parish managers. If you would like to donate to the AAA, please visit the AAA website.

Download the AAA Planbook

This planbook is designed to help every family in the Archdiocese realize the significance of the Appeal and the fact that each of us changes lives by supporting it. Specifically, this manual is designed to: 

• Assist you with implementing the AAA in your parish 
• Highlight the Appeal’s significance – by demonstrating our commitment to mission and ministry through combined financial support 
• Assist with gift receipt/processing procedures 

We’re here to support you!

The office of Mission Advancement wants to see you succeed.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal!

Purpose of the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal

The gifts received through the Appeal are able to support ministries, programs and services at a level that an individual donor or individual parish would not be able to by itself. Among other ministries, the AAA: 

• Supports our children’s future by making Catholic education more accessible. 
• Sponsors ethnic ministries that reach our diverse communities. 
• Assists vocation discernment and education. 
• Provides religious education to parish youth and strengthens the faith of our young adults. 
• Educates the community about important social policy concerns. 
• Provides essential services to our parishes. 

The total goal for the 2022 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal is $5,800,000. The following are a couple of the specific ways that your gifts help change lives through the AAA:

The Office of Marriage and Family Life serves couples and families in the Archdiocese, primarily through programs for engaged and married couples, and services for parents. Ongoing programs include an annual Wedding Anniversary Mass, couples’ retreat, support for marriages in crisis, grief ministry, Mother/ Daughter events, and Catholic men’s conferences. New ministries include a healing retreat for adults with divorced parents, support for parents grieving the loss of a child, and mental health ministry for those struggling with mental illness. 

The Office of Human Life & Dignity implements the Church’s foundational social teaching – human life is sacred – in its commitment to justice and care for all through education, activism, and healing ministries. We collaborate with parishes, ministries, and many organizations to address and support Catholic Social Teaching…that all flows from the fundamental Catholic principle of the right to life and dignity of every human person, from conception to natural death. 

Several innovative communications initiatives will enable us to highlight our mission and people. Our revitalized website shows how Christ is being proclaimed throughout our Archdiocese…a second, more internal, website provides resources for parish staffs so they can more effectively assist parishioners…Flocknote enables pastors and ministry leaders to directly engage parishioners via text and email…and our new magazine colorfully showcases pastors and parishioners throughout the Archdiocese living the Gospel. 

How do the AAA funds make a difference?

Please review these items to learn where these funds go. The remainder of the Archdiocesan budget also benefits our parishes and schools by providing services such as finance, human resources, payroll, development, legal, and property management. 





$1,305,142 (23%)

  • Holy See
  • California Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Department of Communications
  • Catholic San Francisco
  • San Francisco Católico
  • TV Mass
  • Radio Hour

$1,767,048 (30%)

  • Vicar General
  • Vicar for Clergy
  • Office of Consecrated Life
  • Priest Education Fund
  • Priest Retirement Fund
  • Serra Clergy House
  • Office of Vocations
  • Permanent Diaconate
  • Diaconate Formation

$1,227,519 (21%)

  • Hospital Chaplains
  • Prison Chaplains
  • Tribunal
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • ACCW
  • Restorative Justice Ministry

$1,500,291 (26%)

  • School and parish subsidies
  • Faith Formation
  • Youth and Young Adults
  • Office of Worship
  • Office of Evangelization
  • Marriage and Family Life
  • Teacher Incentive Grants
  • Child & Youth Protection

Keys to a Successful Annual Appeal

While the circumstances of each parish differ, there are several items that appear to contribute to a successful AAA. Select those that may work for you and your parish community and use as you feel is appropriate. 

1. The advocacy and enthusiasm of the Pastor is critical. Maintain a positive approach toward the Appeal and its role in fulfilling our mission in the Archdiocese. 

2. In order to maximize success, education about the benefits of the AAA and the people who need and depend on its services is vital. Although there is awareness of the AAA’s benefits, education should be ongoing. The Office of Mission Advancement can provide personal stories of people who have benefitted from donors’ support of the Appeal. 

3. Conduct the AAA campaign over a finite period of time – approximately six weeks.

4. In-pew solicitation – designate a weekend as AAA Weekend and invite the parishioners to support the AAA during that weekend’s Masses. This is particularly effective for obtaining gifts from a large segment of the parish at one time with a minimal amount of volunteer effort. 

5. Use personal contact with parishioners in various ways (an in-pew ask, follow-up letter(s), pulpit announcements, bulletin reminders, etc.). Engage, update, and follow-up. 

6. Encourage every member of your parish family to participate. All gifts, regardless of amount, are greatly appreciated and beneficial. 

7. Encourage parishioners to consider a pledged gift. A pledge is a non-binding commitment to pay a specific amount over time (e.g., each month of the year). It provides the opportunity to make a larger gift than would likely occur if paid all at once. Payments are sent directly to the Office of Finance. Pledge reminders will be sent to parishioners from the Archdiocese. 

8. Consider starting a “1% Club” this simply means inviting parishioners to consider giving 1% of the parish’s AAA goal. For example, if a parish’s goal is $50,000, parishioners would be asked to give $500 to become members of the 1% Club. 

9. If you designate a weekend on which you are going to kick off the AAA in your parish, consider asking some parishioners who are strong supporters of the AAA to make their gifts prior to asking the entire parish to contribute. This will provide momentum and initial credibility to the chances for the Appeal’s success. 

10. 100% of the funds raised in excess of a parish’s goal are returned to the parish for its own use – identify a need in your parish and communicate how what is raised in excess of the goal will be used. 

11. The Office of Mission Advancement wants to thank donors promptly and honor the donor’s payment requests (Credit/Debit/EFT). Please send in all completed gift envelopes in a timely manner. 


The primary informational and communication materials for the 2022 AAA campaign are listed below. All are available in English and Spanish. 

1. Poster and Thermometer – The poster and thermometer are visible reminders of the Appeal and its purpose. Please display them in heavy traffic areas around the parish. 

2. Brochures (In-pew envelopes)  – These communicate what the AAA is and how it benefits our greater community. The brochures are also used as in-pew envelopes for Appeal Sunday. 

3. Video (DVD)  -The AAA video tells the story of the Appeal. Through the video, direct beneficiaries of the AAA are able to speak directly to parishioners throughout the Archdiocese.  The most effective way to use it is by showing it at each Mass (we will provide you with a DVD for that purpose). The direct link to the video on YouTube is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcz_w4DP0fg

If you need more materials, please contact Jennie Dahl in the Mission Advancement Office at 415-614-5583 or dahlj [at] sfarch.org. 

Ways to Give

1. One-time gift 

Online at SFArch.org/AAA 
• By using the brochure: mail it to the Chancery or your parish (Chancery preferred) 
• Via check: mail to the Chancery or your parish (Chancery preferred) 
• Gifts may also be made via transfer of stock or property 

2. Pledged gift 

• Pledged gifts (recurring gifts) require that the donor specify an amount and the number of months to charge their account. 
• If a pledge is initiated at the parish, the pledge form must be forwarded to the Office of Finance. 
• Online gifts can be paid by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or by an ACH direct debit transfer from a bank account. 
• Monthly pledge statements are mailed to each parishioner who has made a pledge. A self-addressed return envelope is included for the donor’s use when remitting payment.

3. Stocks and Mutual Fund Shares 

• All gifts of stock require an authorization letter from the donor or the donor’s representative. Transfer instructions for stock or mutual fund donations and a sample authorization letter are included on pages 20 and 21 of this Planbook. 

4. Matching Gifts

• Some companies offer matching gifts.  

Download the AAA Videos

To download, right click (ctrl click on Mac) on the file you prefer and click “Save Link As” or similar verbiage depending on your browser.